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New Lockdown and the BSS Packet

Lockdown has restarted and we are part-way through a packet cycle. What to do? It’s really up to each member to decide whether they want to receive the packet or not. It seems the risks from the packet itself are minimal, but the main problem is being able to pass the packet on. Almost certainly the post offices will be open, but some members may be reluctant to venture out. It is therefore important that the person about to move the packet on, contacts the next recipient before moving the packet.

The packets probably all have 4 weeks or more to run, so we MIGHT be out of lockdown before they finish. By then we shall then be into Christmas “shutdown” anyway. If we are still in lockdown after that, I will have to contact members about whether they want to receive a new packet or not, but I can’t see this being much before early January.

Best wishes to you all, Christmas and otherwise, and be safe.

Philip Cant

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Collecting bird stamps is now probably the most popular form of thematic philately.

Stamps depicting birds can be found with some of the earliest issues, but remained relatively uncommon until the mid-20th century when stamps illustrating birds really took off and began to appear in larger numbers.

Indeed, bird related issues were soon exceeding 1000’s each year and now as many as 1500 new issues may be placed annually on sale.

It has been estimated that altogether, worldwide, there are currently well in excess of 30,000 stamps with illustrations of birds. That’s a lot to collect !

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