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Bird Stamps of Belgium: TBC-Post Part 3

The Bird Stamps: Destinations in Belgium

(Written by a former member of the BSS)

The first BE-1 bird stamps issued by TBC-Post featured the Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) which were issued under the title “Wild Geese” [Wilde Ganzen/Oies Sauvages].  In this issue, TBC-Post printed a single stamp design for each individual value (BE-1, BE-2 and BE-3).  This approach contrast with later issues that we have already seen, where the EU-1 values were based on 10 different photographs of the African Penguin; and the EU-3 stamps, where there were five birds (two stamps each).

TBC-Post issued these stamps in sheets of ten: BE-1 Wild Goose: 7 November 2012. TBC-Post issued the BE-1 stamp at a price of €0.65.  Today, the cost is €1.60.

BE-2 featured Wild Geese: 7 November 2011, and was priced at €1.30, i.e., twice the BE-1 value. Today, the BE-2 tariff is €3.20. Alongside the three separate sheets, TBC-Post also issued – for individual sale – a First Day Postcard which featured a larger photograph of each stamp design:

Bird Stamps of Belgium: TBC Post – Part 2

The TBC-Post Bird Stamps (continued)

Written by a former BSS member

The second set of stamps from TBC-Post is also based on birds from South Africa.   This time, there are five different birds featured on this EU-3 sheetlet that TBC-Post issued on 20 November 2014.   When issued, each stamp was sold at €3.21, so the sheetlet had a value of €32.10.

The five different birds shown on these stamps, all of which were apparently photographed in the National Parks of South Africa

Bird Stamps of Belgium: TBC-Post

Part One

Written by a former member of the BSS.


When you think of Belgian bird stamps, obviously you turn to the long running series of definitives created by André Buzin.  But the Buzin issues and Bpost are not the only Belgian source of bird images on stamps. This blog focuses on the bird issues of TBC-Post, of which there are a few to admire and collect.

Who are TBC-Post?

TBC-Post is a private sector postal operator based in Zaventem in Flanders, located just outside and to the North East of the Brussels city region.  TBC-Post has been in existence for some 35 years and operates business postal services. TBC-Post also provides postal services to individuals through its appointed retail agents (who sell the TBC-Post stamps as well as act as collecting points for mail).

The TBC-Post Bird Stamp Designs

One of the designs from the TBC-Post catalogue features the African Penguin (Sheniscus demersus), endangered native resident of southern Africa, found along the coastal areas of South Africa (in particular), as well as on the coasts of both Namibia and (less so) Mozambique.