Knowledge Base

“Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.”

And so, it is our aim to fill this section of the website with all sorts of information relating to bird stamps, from general articles covering topics such as how do you start a collection and what should you collect, to articles on specific birds and related stamps, and to specialist articles on bird stamps – the ‘Collecting Complexity” series.

Love them, or hate them, an essential tool with any stamp collection is the Stamp Catalogue. They vary in size, date, publication frequency, format and cost! We review the most common ones, and also review a small selection of books on birds stamps.

You’ll also find a section on Frequently Asked Questions, which currently covers answers connected to membership, the Flight magazine, stamp collecting and so forth.

Our links page provides a list of websites which we hope will be of interest to you, covering dealers, Societies and thematic stamp resources.