General Articles

The General Articles featured here are grouped wherever possible in to themes, but there will always be some articles that fail to fit into a theme, and these are allocated to ‘Mixed Bag’. Articles are a little ‘lighter’ in reading than the Specialist articles, the latter providing a much more in-depth look at a specific topic such as country definitives that have some tricky colleting issues.


A quick overview of newly issued Belgian Buzins.


A number of Bird Stamp Society members collect just stamps on a single species, or group of birds. This makes perfect sense as there are over 40,000 bird stamps generally … you need a deep pocket to collect that lot!

Featured here is an insight in to how a BSS member started to collect Parrots on stamps – Stamp Collecting Parrot Fashion”.


Notes from Yesteryear.

The first offering is on Wrens, Tits and Golden-crested Wrens, and is based on ‘Bird Life Glimpses’ by Edmund Selous, published in 1905. He lived in Icklingham, Suffolk from 1899 to 1902 and kept numerous notes all about the local birdlife, which culminated in his volume being printed. Notes From Yesteryear1

The second offering provides a nostalic look at birdwatching in Devon. These notes are taken from ‘Bird Haunts and Nature Memories’ , by A Howard, in 1922. Notes From Yesteryear2


Post Office Strike of 1971

The 15 February 1971 may be remembered as the day the United Kingdom and Ireland decimalised their currencies. What many members may not remember is that there was the first full national strike in the history of the British Post Office which took place from Wednesday 20th January to Sunday 7th March 1971. This article from Graham Horsman outlines a brief history of the strike and the effect it had on postal services. It is illustrated with examples of successful incoming and outgoing mail featuring bird stamps. Read the full article here

Europa Birds

Zavotskoy may only be an obscure suburb of Vladivostok but the sale of the magnificent Russian stamp for Europa 2019 from its post office would allow an A-Z to demonstrate the impressive geographical
scope of the 2019 Europa National Birds issue! Read the full article – From the Azores to Zavotskoy – The National Birds of Europa Spread Their Wings

Tips for Buyers and Sellers

There are no hard and fast rules for buying and selling stamps as each person will have their own set of ‘rules/guidelines’ so this paper is based on Graham Horman’s own experiences, and those of close friends from whom he have gleaned knowledge over many years. 

An invaluable read for any collector – read the full article here

Universal Mail Stamps

Universal Mail issues tourist and bespoke stamps for use solely on postcards to be sent worldwide. Read Steven Ardron’s article on the Universal Mail Stamps in Britain … click here


As an add-on to the above article, Steven tops it up with a short article on recently purchased Universal stamps from Scotland …… view the note here

Bringing Bird Stamp Collectors Together