Flight Magazine

Flight is the core product of the Bird Stamp Society, and is available to members via email or hardcopy. It is a full-colour journal issued in March, June, September and December. Each issue features a range of bespoke articles provided by BSS members, as well as a number of regular features.

Bespoke Features May Include Articles on for example:

Regular Features Include:

  • Extinct Birds on Stamps
  • Birds In the Border
  • Collecting Complexity (e.g. Irish Definitives, Australian KGV Emus)
  • Individual Birds on Stamps
  • Unusual Birds on Stamps
  • Duck Stamps
  • Folklore of Birds
  • Europa Birds
  • Early Birdlife
  • Whose Bird
  • Postal Stationery
  • Committee Reports
  • New Issue Listings
  • Recent Birds in the Philatelic Aviary
  • Updates to Clements Checklist
  • Identification Parade
  • General Bird Stamp News including Europa stamps, Wants Lists, Analysis of new issues, and
  • General Correspondence

Flight Back Issues

Flight Back Issues are only accessible to members of the Bird Stamp Society.

The first Flight was issued in 1986, and with 4 issues a year, this has turned out to be quite a huge resource – over 300 journals!. Early issues delivered 50-60 pages, and the Master copy of each edition was photocopied in black and white, on a high grade machine, therefore, some print quality was lost.

All the black and white paper editions (i.e. up to December 2011) have been scanned and optimised, so they are searchable when open, and converted to pdfs. Magazines from March 2012 were originally produced in pdf format, and these have all been loaded in to the Members Portal too.

Key Dates:

  • 1986 – Bird Stamp Society’s core magazine Flight , issue No 1;
  • March 2002 – Flight is commercially printed, but still in black & white;
  • March 2012 – some colour is introduced to the magazine;
  • June 2017 – Flight becomes an all-colour magazine

We do have a number of Flight articles available for general perusal on the website … hopefully to tempt you to join the Society!

These can be found on the ‘General Articles’ and ‘Bird Species and Families’ pages in the Knowledge Base section. ….. TAKE ME THERE NOW …. Happy Reading!