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Djibouti Stamp Query

Does anyone know why many of the Djibouti stamps of the 1990’s are either not priced or only a (very high) mint price in SG catalogues whereas others are priced fairly normally? I have a used copy of SG1186 which in my 2011 Stamps of the World is catalogued mint only at £150, so what might the used one be worth?

SG1186 Maskali Island
SG1114 White-bellied Bustard

The Elusive Belize Painted Bunting

Has anyone got, seen for sale, or know anything about the elusive Painted Bunting?

The 6 value Audubon bird set issued in 1985 (SG 820-25), included the stamp shown left… a 25c Painted Bunting. In 1988, this stamp was re-issued with a new face value of 60c … SG 822a. I have never seen it !!

It is valued in the SG catalogue of 2017 –  £27 mint and £9 used. Unfortunately, this is the latest SG catalogue I have. In the 2019 Scott catalogue, however, it is valued at $2000 mint and $750 used …. Yes, you did read that right !!

I have seen it on eBay (used) for $69.99 (right). Does anyone have any information on this elusive stamp, and why the huge differences in value between SG and Scott?