Cookie Policy

BSS Website Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are used to store information on a user’s browser. They are stored for multiple purposes, like providing security, maintaining user sessions, track user behaviour on the website for site analytics and targeted marketing, etc. For example, when you visit a website, a cookie is downloaded onto your computer and allows a website to recognise a user’s computer. Cookies are used to help users navigate websites more efficiently and to perform certain functions, as well as to provide information to the owners of the website.

Common Types of Cookies:

  • First-party cookies –These are placed on the user’s device directly by the website.
  • Third-party cookies – These are placed by a third-party, and they are commonly used for advertising and analytics.
  • Session cookies – This type of cookies expires once the user’s session on a website expires.
  • Persistent cookies – This type of cookies remain in the user’s system unless they delete it, or the site does. They usually have expiration dates coded in.
  • Strictly necessary cookies – They are often mandatory for a website to function smoothly. This type of cookies is essential for the users to use certain features of a website, such as remembering past activity in the site or holding items in the shopping cart.

What Cookies Does the Bird Stamp Society Website Use?

Below is a list of the cookies used by this website and provides a description of how each cookie works.

  • WordPress Cookies – The BSS website is developed in WordPress, and just like any web management system, WordPress sets cookies. It does not use sessions by default; instead, it uses cookies for achieving the same behaviour. There are two types of cookies set by WordPress: a) User cookies – These are ‘strictly necessary’ cookies as WordPress will not be able to function without it. They are also session cookies as they expire once the user logs out or exits the page, and b) Comment cookies – These are not ‘strictly necessary’ cookies and are set when users leave a comment on a post. These can also be classified as persistent cookies.
  • Some Plugins use cookies, and these are generally user cookies, to maintain website functionality;
  • Google Analytics
    This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate your use of our website and compile reports for us on activity of our website;

How Do I Restrict or Delete Cookies?

The cookies we use are essential for parts of the website to operate, some may have already been set. You may delete and block all cookies from this website, but please be aware that restricting or deleting cookies may impact on the functionality of the website. Your web browser may allow you to restrict or delete cookies set by this website. The Help function within your browser should tell you how.