Are there any areas of specialism?

The number of bird stamps that have been issued over time has been estimated to be as many as perhaps forty thousand. That’s a huge and probably impractical number to collect! Some, indeed perhaps many bird stamp enthusiasts find that as they develop their collections they will begin to specialise. Like any other form of philately bird thematics have plenty of areas of specialism. A specialism might be to collect the species of one country or one continent or even one part of a continent. Others might want to specialise on a particular species – popular ones include Penguins, Owls, Birds of Prey or Parrots. But there are also members who collect only flightless birds, or seabirds or wildfowl. And some might collect just one particular species – Puffins, Capercaillie, Hoopoes or Quetzals are examples. But there are others forms of specialism. Some collect covers – perhaps first day of issue covers or normal, postally used items of stationery that have bird stamps. Some might have a specific interest in cachets on covers or perhaps on postmarks or even meter marks with bird designs. Some might only seek the bird stamps of a particular illustrator or engraver of which there are many. And some might choose to focus on the unusual – locals, Cinderella’s or forgeries. There is not a defined list and anyone can choose to focus on an aspects that others have not thought to specialise in previously. Pioneers are welcome!

Category: Collecting Bird Stamps