Should I insure my collection?

When you start collecting this is a question you will almost certainly not ask, but as your collection swells and perhaps their value too, it might be that this is something you then need to seriously consider.

So what should you do? Well, firstly it will depends on how much your collection is worth. With a small collection of common issues that have not cost you a great deal insuring your collection may seem an excessive step. As the collection grows however, it may be that you find yourself with stamps that have a costly replacement value or, who knows, includes the odd item catalogued with a high price tag!

Home contents insurance policies (HCIPs) may to some extent cover your collection, but you need to check the policy details very carefully. HCIPs may also have provision for you to have specific items identified and insured, in which case, knowing the value of your collection becomes crucial.

In addition there are one or two insurers who specialise in stamp insurance. Indeed, the Bird Stamp Society uses a specialist insurer for its own Packet Service. If you want more details about these insurers then please enquire further.

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