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History Of Website Updates This Year

This web page gives a list of content updated to the website this year.

09/02/20242x Blog: Endemic Birds of New Caledonia Facing Extinction; Nadia Charles – Draughtswoman & the TAAF Postal Authority
14/11/20232x Blog (Belgium TBC Post Part 2; Bearded Vultures); Updates to links and added link to Pacific Island Study Group; Cartoon Birds – added G for Globi Parrot
09/10/2023Updates to Cartoon Birds; added Blog on Belgian TBC Post
05/08/2023Started the Junior Corner with Cartoon Birds; New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Stamps blog; Added Folder 13 of Bird Stamps and Associated Photos in Member Gallery
14/07/20232x blogs: Aland Parrot Crossbill and Lithuania Europa Peace Dove issues. Redesign of membership options; Addition of membership information on Members Only site
09/05/20232x blogs on Ghana Coqui Francolin and St Pierre et Michelon Wilson’s Phalarope; New book review on Himalayan Birds on Stamps (Books & Catalogues page)
07/02/20232x blog Thailand crypto stamp and Costa Rica franking labels
31/01/2023Extra tagging of Posts; Adding Tag Cloud and Recent Posts List to Left Sidebar; Added New free download of Flight journal to Content Sidebar
18/01/2023All Flight back issues loaded on Members area; Blog added on Qatar Int. Falcons & Hunting Festival; new Gen.Knowledge articles: Vatican Birds; Buzin No.9; Birds of Wallis & Futuna

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