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History Of Website Updates

This web page gives a list of content updated to the website.

07/08/2022Added Folder 11 of Steve Strauss photos to the Member Gallery
25/06/2022Updated membership stats; New Blog – Israel franking labels
17/06/2022Added Birdpex 9 information to Blog and front page
02/05/20223x Blogs: Bird Symbols of Canada Part 12; Liechtenstein overprint; Belgium Colours of Nature Issue. Added 2x new folders of photos/stamp images on Members Gallery
08/01/20222x blogs: Bird Symbols of Canada Part 11; Columbia Blue-billed Curassow. Amendments to Home Page and Content side bar
14/12/20212x blogs: Canada Bird Series postal stationery; Jamaican Doctor bird. New gallery in members area, and 2x updated gallery folders
18/11/20213x blogs: Birds Symbols of Canada Part 10; and an update on British Indian Ocean Territory status; update on Fiji overprints
02/10/2021New blogs on Birds of Kyrgyzstan and Estonia
28/09/2021Updates to images in the following folders in Members Gallery – Folders 1, 4, 5, 6 and creation of new Folder 7. Added ‘It’s Not A Small World Anymore’ to front page.
29/08/20213x new blogs on Provincial Birds of Canada
22/08/2021New blogs; updated subs form and costs for Flight 2021; addition of Library to BSS Members area …. work in progress
24/07/2021Moved BSS Blog back to public website, with restricted access on some articles. Added new blogs.
09/05/2021Added 2 more gallery folders to Members Gallery
19/04/20212xBlog on Provincial birds of Canada – Parts 4 and 5 (New Brunswick and Manitoba)
19/03/20212x blog on Provincial birds of Canada; additions to member gallery
08/03/2021Added March 2021 Flight magazine to Members Portal
18/02/2021Added a Gallery to the Members area with a series of fantastic photos of birds (with stamps of the bird embedded in the photos) – the photos have been taken by one of our members.
17/02/2021Added Ducks and Penguin stamps to the Gallery
16/02/2021New Blogs – Provincial birds of Canada Part 1; Hildasay Island Cinderella stamps; Woodhoopoes article added to Bird Species in Knowledge Base
07/02/2021Forum live in the Members area
28/01/2021Marshall Islands definitives and St Vincent & Grenadines Black Vulture posts added to members blog
27/01/2021Major review of Members area; moved Blog to members area; removed some documents from ‘public-facing’ website to address imbalance between public and member information. Changed Members Area page to Member Benefits and updated it. Moved Collecting Complexity page to members area. Minor changes to Knowledge base; updated Member Information page to show changes in increased membership etc.
12/01/20212x blogs (Guyana overprints; Birds of Palau); Added new page under Gallery featuring photos with embedded bird stamps – courtesy of member Steven Strauss; added couple of these images to the Home page
07/01/2021Rejigged Home and About Us pages; added details of Packet suspension to Home and Members Portal pages; additional blog on Guyana overprints
05/01/2021Uploaded latest BSS End of Year accounts and AGM Minutes to Society documents
30/12/20202x blogs; Added Thames Themes to Links
19/12/20202x blogs: Grey-crowned crane (Incongruous issues); and New Caledonia Christmas stamp
29/11/2020Members Portal has a new page – Member Information, where the member statistics now sit, plus a list of Committee positions filled since 1986; new Blogs including a Djibouti stamp query; Removed News feature – will add news to Blog and Member Portal instead.
16/11/2020NZ Bird of the Year Part 3 blog; Added Guatemalan Quetzal Metered Mail to Collecting Complexity page
12/11/20202x blog entries: NZ Bird of the Year part 2; Tahiti Monarch
09/11/2020New Blog – New Zealand Bird of the Year Poll Part 1
03/11/2020Fiji Definitives added to Collecting Complexity; 3 new articles in Knowledge Base/General Articles/Collecting Bird Stamps); Eggs on Stamps in Knowledge Base/General Articles; 2x new blogs
27/10/2020‘Paper Types’ article added to Knowledge Base/Specialist Articles; Cock of the Rock blog; Moved Mexican Conservation stamps article to Knowledge Base/Specialist Articles/Collecting Complexity; International Postage Meter Stamp Catalogue added to Knowledge Base/Books and Catalogues.
07/10/2020New Page – Flightless Birds on Stamps. Find it in the Knowledge Base as a sub-menu under the General Articles menu; Added 9x articles to the Bird Species & Families page; Added articles on Universal Mail Stamps on the General Articles page
06/10/2020Buzins No 7 & 8 added to General Articles; Blog – Falkland Islands Postcards; Added History of Updates Page
05/10/2020Member Statistics – added to Members Portal
04/10/2020Blog – Beware the Watermark; Handbook & Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Ireland added to Books page
29/09/2020Virtual Stampex News – In Latest News

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