Bird Symbols of Canada

Part 1 – Ontario

Provincial Bird: The Common Loon (Gavia immer)

Ontario adopted the Common Loon as its official bird on 23 June 1994.  This choice is rather appropriate, given that lakes and rivers make up one fifth of the geographical area of the province. About this bird, the Canada Government website states:

“Found in lakes and rivers across the province, the loon’s eerie call is associated with the beauty and solitude of Ontario’s wilderness. The loon can dive to depths of 70 metres in search of food, and stay under water for three minutes.”

The Common Loon has appeared on several bird stamps issued by Canada Post. The first of these, issued in 1998, was from a set of two (the second featured a polar Bear) and the design artwork was done by Alain Leduc et Steven Slipp, with engraving done by Martin Mörck.

Fast forward then to 2012, when the Common loon appeared on a definitive stamp based on the theme of “Baby Animals”. The stamp below is a self-adhesive and was also printed in a booklet of six stamps.

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