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Bird Symbols of Canada

Part 7 – Prince Edward Island

Provincial Bird: Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) 

Prince Edward Island (PEI) adopted the Blue Jay in 1977 following a province wide vote.  The General Assembly of PEI confirmed adoption of the Blue Jay in legislation, which is currently consolidated in Part One of the Provincial Emblems and Honours Act:

2. Avian emblem: The bird known scientifically as Cyanocitta cristata (L.) and popularly known as the blue jay is adopted as and shall be the avian emblem of the province. 1997,c.36,s.2.”

 Under this Act, PEI also adopted the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) as its animal; the Red Oak (Quercus rubra L.) as its tree; and the Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium acaule) as the floral emblem of the Province.

eBird describes the Blue Jay thus:“Blue above, light gray below. Black and white markings on wings and tail. Larger than a robin, smaller than a crow. Crest and long tail. Noisy and conspicuous in areas with large trees. Regularly visits feeders.