The Elusive Belize Painted Bunting

Has anyone got, seen for sale, or know anything about the elusive Painted Bunting?

The 6 value Audubon bird set issued in 1985 (SG 820-25), included the stamp shown left… a 25c Painted Bunting. In 1988, this stamp was re-issued with a new face value of 60c … SG 822a. I have never seen it !!

It is valued in the SG catalogue of 2017 –  £27 mint and £9 used. Unfortunately, this is the latest SG catalogue I have. In the 2019 Scott catalogue, however, it is valued at $2000 mint and $750 used …. Yes, you did read that right !!

I have seen it on eBay (used) for $69.99 (right). Does anyone have any information on this elusive stamp, and why the huge differences in value between SG and Scott?

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    1. This got my interest and I’ve looked around the web and came upon a Belize study group on FB where there was some background supplied in relation to one having been sold on eBay in 2016 over 1000usd.

      I wanted to post a couple of screenshots showing the info supplied but there’s no option in posting comments/replies to upload images.

      I’ll send it direct to you.

  1. There’s one currently on eBay:

    This stamp has been relisted multiple times so no one is currently willing to go to the min price asked for it.

    I have to admit it’s become something I want to aquire but I’m baulking at the price, I’m curious as to whether it is available elsewhere at better price but no luck so far in trawling various sites.

    Maybe it’s one I’ll enquire about at virtual stampex. I’ll let you know if I find out more.

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