I’ve just changed home or my email address – what should I do?

If you move home, and especially if you receive hard copies of Flight magazine, you should write, email or telephone the Membership Secretary (details are in Flight) and advise the Society of your new address.

In addition, the same applies if you change your home telephone number or email address.

Please note: The Society treats all personal details as strictly confidential and information will only be shared with the member’s permission. You may wish to read the Members Privacy Policy here

What benefits does my membership include?

There are a number of benefits from being a member of the Bird Stamp Society. As member you will be able to:-

  • Receive the Society’s full colour quarterly journal, Flight, which is packed full of articles on various aspects of collecting bird stamps, thematic news, updates and regular listings of the latest issues. Flight can be received either as a hard copy or electronically according to the subscription rate you choose;
  • Have full access to the Society’s website, where you will find more collecting articles, blogs, reference material, features and access to back copies of Flight, as well as being able to exchange particular collecting interests with other members;
  • Have access to free bird stamp listings; and
  • If a UK based member, you can join the Society’s regular Packet scheme, whereby roughly once a quarter you will receive books of bird stamps on approval that you can select from and purchase. When joining, you need to indicate that you would like to become a member of a packet circuit.  

What are the current subscription rates?

The current annual subscription rates are as follows:-

  • UK – Hard copy: £20 per annum;
  • Europe – Hard Copy: £30 per annum;
  • Rest of World – Hard Copy: £35 per annum;
  • Email copy (worldwide): £5 per annum.

How do I pay for and renew my membership?

There are a number of ways to pay for your subscription and these are detailed below. In addition, all existing members receive an annual reminder in the June edition of Flight magazine that subscriptions will need to be renewed from the 1st August of that year.

To pay for or renew your subscription, you can choose from any of the following payment methods:- 

  • UK Cheque payable to “The Bird Stamp Society,” and sent to the Treasurer (address is found in Flight);
  • Via Paypal using the “Pay Family or Friends” option and payable to the email address:- graham_horsman7@msn.com;
  • A bank transfer to The Bird Stamp Society. Overseas members will need to add £2 to cover bank charges. Please contact the Membership secretary for bank details (contact details in Flight);
  • Cash can be sent, but at your own risk and this is not recommended; and 
  • Members with a UK bank account can set up a Standing Order, but remember the payment date needs to be for 1st August.

Is Flight Available to Buy?

No, sorry. The Flight magazine is only available as one of the benefits of membership of the Bird Stamp Society.

A FREE sample copy is available to download on the Flight issues page here.