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BeePost 2023 EUROPA Issues – Peace


BeePost is a Lithuanian based private postal operators that operates alongside (and in competition with) the historic, national postal authority, Lithuanian Post (Lietuvos paštas) . BeePost is one of many such commercial operators that has sprung into life following liberalisation of the postal market within the European Union.  Not all of these new commercial operators issue postage stamps, but BeePost is one that does.  BeePost is, I believe, is part of the Stamperija commercial operation and I have seen the stamps issued by BeePost used for postal purposes. 

2023 EUROPA Issue The 2023 EUROPA theme is based around Peace, so it is likely that we will see more than one or two peace doves adorning our EUROPA stamps.  The BeePost contribution to this European-wide theme is this pair of BeePost Lithuanian stamps that are based on the topic of and aspiration for “Peace to Ukraine”.

The First Day Cover (FDC), seen below, is dated 24 February 2023, marking the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine territory by Russian forces.

2023 EUROPA Peace for Ukraine (FDC)

The Pre-stamped envelopes of the Birds of Canada Series

The postage stamps of the Birds of Canada series were issued annually between 1996 and 2001. There are six series altogether with four stamp designs per set, giving a total of twenty four stamps across the whole series.

Designed by Raymond Bellemare and illustrated in Acrylic by Pierre Leduc, the stamps are attractive and highly collectable. They can be found in sheet or strip form as well as individually, are common and relatively inexpensive to purchase. The 1999 (4th) and 2001 (6th) series were also issued as self-adhesive booklets. They can be a little trickier to acquire, but I’ve seen them on ebay.

Sheet of the Birds of Canada 1st Series (1996)